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How to Rename Files & Folders in PowerShell

Renaming files and folders in PowerShell can be a straightforward task once you grasp the basics. PowerShell provides various cmdlets and methods to perform file and folder operations efficiently. Let’s dive into the process of renaming files and folders using PowerShell.

Renaming Files:

To rename files in PowerShell, you can use the Rename-Item cmdlet:

# Define the current file path
$currentFilePath = "C:\Path\To\Your\File.txt"
# Define the new file name
$newFileName = "NewFileName.txt"
# Rename the file
Rename-Item -Path $currentFilePath -NewName $newFileName

In this example, replace "C:\Path\To\Your\File.txt" with the path of the file you want to rename, and "NewFileName.txt" with the desired new name.

Renaming Folders:

Similarly, you can rename folders using the same Rename-Item cmdlet. Here’s an example:

# Define the current folder path
$currentFolderPath = "C:\Path\To\Your\Folder"
# Define the new folder name
$newFolderName = "NewFolderName"
# Rename the folder
Rename-Item -Path $currentFolderPath -NewName $newFolderName

Replace "C:\Path\To\Your\Folder" with the path of the folder you want to rename, and "NewFolderName" with the desired new name.

Understanding the Process:

  1. Define Paths: First, specify the current path of the file or folder you want to rename and the desired new name.
  2. Execute Rename-Item: Use the Rename-Item cmdlet to rename the file or folder. Provide the current path as the -Path parameter and the new name as the -NewName parameter.

Additional Options:

  • Force Renaming: You can use the -Force parameter with Rename-Item to force the renaming operation, even if it would overwrite existing files or folders.
  • Wildcard Renaming: PowerShell allows using wildcards to rename multiple files or folders at once. For example, Rename-Item -Path *.txt -NewName NewFileName.txt would rename all .txt files in the current directory to NewFileName.txt.


Renaming files and folders in PowerShell is a fundamental operation facilitated by the Rename-Item cmdlet. By understanding how to define paths and use this cmdlet, you can efficiently rename files and folders to suit your needs. Experimenting with additional options like wildcards and the -Force parameter can further enhance your file management capabilities in PowerShell.

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